We work with insurers to protect injured people on their road to recovery

In personal injury insurance, we’re the only data-driven program in Australia that monitors an injured person’s progress, helps minimise their reliance on medication, and ensures they get back to optimal health as quickly as possible. We help reduce the rate of addiction, secondary injury and death from prescription medicines, by providing an end-to-end medication program for injured people.

Medication management for personal injury claimants

We provide an end-to-end care program including medication reporting, risk profiling, pharmacy risk management plan and health interventions. Data analytics (scheme and individual) helps monitor, identify and resolve risks associated with prescription medicines.

Let’s improve the health outcomes for injured Australians

The road to recovery shouldn’t be taken alone. We see it as our collective responsibility to help reduce the rate of addiction, secondary injury and death from prescription medications. We partner with insurers and physicians to ensure the system doesn’t unintentionally let injured people down. Below are our key benefits which we place at the heart of what we do:

drug dependency
individual recovery time
scheme insights
behavioural change
the healthcare system
As an eco-system, we should put injured people at the heart of what we do. By bringing medication management to the forefront of personal injury claims management, we can ensure the system doesn’t unintentionally let them down.
Lauren Dredge, Claims Pharmacy

Promoting care and accountability across the entire industry

JASON, 46 | Case Manager
Addiction to prescription medications in long term injured workers is always a concern. The main goal is to ensure the appropriateness of the medications being prescribed
CHRIS, 42 | Insurance Exec
By Claims Pharmacy reviewing medications it assists our claims teams to be able to have educated conversations with all stakeholders involved in the claim
AARON, 45 | Claimant
Claims Pharmacy opened up doors and avenues to what could be possible with my medication. What I wouldn’t have thought would be possible – they helped me get through it

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